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Trusting The Expertise Of Venture Managers

Trusting The Experience Of Venture Professionals

Your job as an author doesn’t end when your book is published. It’s only the beginning. Self-publishing is an adventure that will take every author to more than just writing. Being a self-published author means that you are your own driver. So wherever your adventure is heading, it will be because of what you have done, and what you haven’t.

However, avoid looking for sympathy. Your boss wants you to assume responsibility. You are not seeking a shoulder on which to cry. Instead, walk in with a game plan. Express the problem, and be ready to provide a solution.

Personally, I’ve joined a few newsletters/groups that I’m interested in, such as Oracle developers and view it groups. There are tons out there – have a look around!

A good way to lighten the situation is to be creative in the way that you describe your situation. There are the old favourites like 'between jobs' and 'extended break'. But perhaps you can come up with a fresher approach. 'Mr. Mum' (where relevant), 'my own boss', 'dealing with a mid-life crisis' or 'studying poverty'.

Pray: To all those who believe in the power of prayer, you better pray! It will surely help you feel at ease and calm as you start studying without thinking too much about what will come out of the exam.

If you are honest about your situation you might be surprised where the conversation goes. Many of us have a perception that we are the only person to have been made redundant, when in fact most people will lose their job at some point in their career. So explaining that you are an out-of-work accountant might prompt a frank – and useful – sharing of experiences.

When you know that a deadline cannot be met, inform the key stakeholders. If you don’t let them know, they will expect the work as scheduled, and if you fail to delivery, the consequences may derail your career.